Monday, March 26, 2007

Crissie's Last Letter To Us All

Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 10:18 pm Post subject: Crissie's last letter to us all

To: Grad
Subject: shalom my frinds

i no is soon i go to hashem, an i wana thank rob rabbi eli rabbi dov an rabbi eliezer3 for kinness they show to me an for help me lern...i want to thank ever one i ever say hi to who say hi bak to a mitzva to say hi, i want to thank all of you for music, an stories, an sharin an for you kindnes...I hav so manie blessins in my life...the bestest of all was lernin torah with good amasin to see how we grow an how we share our neshams in the sad time an good times... how we all cry an worie if someone no be on for few are a part of me like a family...i have manie dreams an i lern an i was keep be told i had lern a leson afor i can go to nite i dream of a buterfly an i hear a wisper soft as can be...i look at it an touch the wing an agin a wisper come to me...i lift my eys an see a i no the wisper is in the lite...i lisen as the voice is as soft as the wings of a buterfly...i see the hand with tinie torah wrap rond his so manie time he is say soon soon i wrap you in wite an bring you home...i ask if time be now i go...he say have a leson to lern...if is be ok i like share my leson...crissie were is hashem torah hand ask...i say he in me...he in all his kids...torah hand ask how i no this an i say i feel hashem an see his spark...torah hand ask do you think hashem feels all you feel an nos all you thinks...oh yes i no he do...i will tell you the leson you must lern little one...i ask let me get paper as i wana be sur i get it rite as i sur is gona be a lot...torah hand say...forgive you self...i keep lisen and i ask what is leson i need lern...little one hashem is the spark in your neshama each time you hold on to thing you think you may have do rong you hurt hashem you hurt you hurt you...look deep inside an forgivded your self...ever day my litel one you wake an imbrase you neshama you say the prayer an thank is a powerful prayer...and it has a great leson...feel the words lisen to them like you never lisen i think this gona be easie an i gona go hashem rite way... i have say is turn out no be so easie is harder than anie thin i ever do in my life...i no in my heart i am forgiv crissie...i will slep the slep of peace an no i have almos done with forgivin me an i feel the love of hashem...hashem is in us many of you have touch my you have bless help me do mitva by sayin i hapie i can say hi...thank you for alow me be part of familie...for all i be... you is a part of me...for this i thank you...i fite hard to live an wene he come an wrap me in wite an takded me to hashem i will no in my heart i am redie as it is in hashems time no mine...this be crissie

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